The MIV Marburger Straße 3 administration company is a family office rich in tradition.

The company owns the building at Marburger Street 3 in Berlin, Germany, which the company also takes its name from. The head of the company “immediately fell in love with this beautiful house” at first sight.

It’s a miracle that the building withstood World War II. as it is one of the only ones in the neighborhood.

When acquiring the house, the family run office with its German and Finnish roots, proposed to create a harmonious composition of “Old” and “New”. The building has been completely renovated and further modernization of the house is still underway, so the future of the property is preserved, and a small contribution to keep a historic piece of the old Gründerzeit Berlin is made.

Apart from this, the MIV company renders real estate services for its own properties, as well as for family-owned properties.


With the mission statement “Home of Arts and Creative Business” the MIV company aims to obtain real estate like the building in Marburger Street to preserve it as part of the historical heritage of Berlin City, while supporting arts and culture.

At the heart of its mission, the MIV company aims to establish the creation of an intercultural bond between both Finnish and German heritage.

Through exhibiting various Finnish and German designs throughout the different rooms of the building and the organization of several international events, this intercultural bond is clearly displayed.

Apart from the acquisition of commercial and residential property, the company deals with administration, as well as renting and selling of real estate.

Another important matter at the heart of the family office is collecting contemporary art. Regularly, at Marburger Street 3 extraordinary exhibitions take place, partly presenting paintings and art objects from their own collection, and also in cooperation with international artists. Besides already established artists, young and upcoming talents also have the chance to gain exposure.


Marburger Str. 3



Besides property administration, the MIV company takes care of renting private apartments and business premises, the organization and realization of reconstruction work, as well as the communication with tenants and dealing with other issues concerning real estate.


The company is always looking for new acquisitions (e.g. residential or commercial real estate, package deals and single apartments) in Berlin or Potsdam. On the other hand, MIV offers properties for sale as well.


Moreover, MIV owns several premises which can be leased for external events. You can find detailed information concerning the available premises in the “Events” section.


As a matter of the heart, art takes a central stage at MIV. In the expansive premises of MIV, exhibitions take place regularly to provide an international platform for artists. You can find more information about recent exhibitions on the website of the “Miettinen Collection.“